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NOVAMag® regeneration system
אוגמנטציה מורכבת באמצעות ממברנה קשיחה נספגת

Workshop Schedule:

- Group Ⅰ   - WED 23.03 | 10:00 - 11:30
- Group Ⅱ   - THU 24.03 | 11:30 - 13:00

Workshop Abstract:

For the first time in an open workshop, clinicians will get the chance to handle the NOVAMag® regeneration system.
The NOVAMag® regeneration system comprises of the NOVAMag® membrane and NOVAMag® fixation screw, and are intended to be used for augmentation procedures in the alveolar ridge. The NOVAMag® membrane is a magnesium membrane and the NOVAMag® fixation screw is a set of magnesium fixation screws in different sizes that can be used for the fixation of barrier membranes and bone blocks. By its unique features, the NOVAMag® product line offers a minimally invasive approach for the patient as the implants do not need to be removed in a second surgery. This also benefits dental professionals by cutting down on chair time.
During the workshop, clinicians will have the opportunity to try out practice GBR and block augmentation surgeries using the NOVAMag® products on plastic models.
As the only magnesium dental device to receive CE approval, the NOVAMag® regeneration system represents the next generation of dental biomaterial.
Become a pioneer and attend the NOVAMag® regeneration workshop.

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Dr. Tabanella is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology, Active Member of the Italian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry and author of the book “Retreatment of failures in dental medicine”. He graduated from the University of Southern California- Los Angeles-USA where he obtained the Certificate in Periodontics as well as the Master of Science in Craniofacial Biology. He was awarded “Outstanding Periodontal Researcher In Surgery And Implantology” by the California Society of Periodontists for his study on bone remodeling. He is the Scientific Coordinator of the International Implant Conference, Director of O.R.E.C.-Oral Reconstruction and Education Center (, and reviewer and author of original articles published in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Tabanella lectures in Europe, Asia, Middle East, South Africa as well as in the US on implant and periodontal surgery, aesthetic management in dental implant and periodontal therapy, peri-implant bone remodeling, soft and hard tissue reconstruction around natural teeth and implants as well as the re-treatment of failures. His research focuses on tissue regeneration and augmentation with different bone and soft graft materials, peri-implant and dental bone loss, novel protocols for the repair of ailing dental implants. He maintains a private practice in Rome, Italy where he also holds advanced courses and live surgeries on tissue regeneration and re- treatment of implant failures for a limited numbers of participants.

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