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Dr. Gonzalez-Martín received the DDS degree from University of Seville in 1999 and he was appointed as an assistant professor at the same university from 1999 to 2005, while combining to private practice. In 2005, he moves to Philadelphia to obtain the MS degree in Graduate Periodontics and Periodontal-Prosthesis in 2009 from University of Pennsylvania. He received the Arnold Weisgold ́s Director ́s Award. He joined the UPenn faculty as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in 2009 and he currently keeps the position. He became a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontics in 2009. In 2010, he received an scholarship to join to the Fixed Prosthodontic and Occlusion Department at the University of Geneva School of Dental Medicine. In 2015, he obtained an International PhD at the University of Seville. At the present moment, he teaches in the graduated program of Periodontology at University Complutense of Madrid while combines to a private practice exclusively in Periodontics, Prosthesis and Implants in Gonzalez + Solano Atelier Dental.

•    D.D.S. degree. University of Seville
•    Periodontal and Perio-Prosthesis Program. University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine (2005-09).
•    Arnold Weisgold’s Director’s Award. University of Pennsylvania.
•    ITI Scholar Department of Fixed Prosthodontic. Université de Genéve (2009-10)
•    Diplomate Certified American Board of Periodontology
•    MSc. Masters of Science in Oral Biology. University of Pennsylvania
•    International PhD (University of Seville, 2015)
•    Adjunct Assistant Professor. Periodontal and Perio-Prosthesis Depatment. University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.
•    Clinical Professor and lecturer. Postgraduated Program in Periodontology. University Complutense of Madrid
•    Private practice exclusively in Periodontic, Prosthesis & Implants in Madrid (Gonzalez + Solano Atelier Dental).

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THU 24.03 | 09:00

For natural appearance of prostheses placed in aesthetic areas, an adequate volume of the tissue seems necessary and different surgical procedures have been proposed to enhance the alveolar contour at the edentulous segment. However, while tissue volume at anterior implants is a key to aesthetic success, the adequate management of the provisional and definitive restoration become crucial to obtain optimal esthetic results.
During this lecture we will present the current techniques to optimize aesthetic result, also describing the concepts of the critical & subcritical contour and the role of provisional modifications in the final appearance of the peri-implant soft tissues, including the gingival margin level, gingival architecture and gingiva color.

THU 24.03 | 16:40

According to the most recent American Academy of Periodontology Practice Profile Survey, approximately 10% of all periodontal surgical procedures are accomplished for purposes of crown lengthening (CL). Unfortunately, although surgical CL is a predictable method of gaining crown length, to obtain a predictable and stable position of the gingival margin is not always easy to achieve. During this lecture we will discuss the surgical details to improve surgical results as well as to present a two stage surgical crown lengthening protocol for aesthetic and restorative purposes and to compare the outcome and wound healing dynamics with the conventional one-stage surgical crown lengthening procedure.

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